International Association of Individual Psychology


Our national goal is the reorganization of the professional training sequence for counselors and therapists in order to achieve a higher level of qualification. On the international front, SGIPA is determining the contemporary IP-Identity between the different countries and also our own IP-Identity.
SGIPA is developing a series of lectures which will begin later this year. The themes will address the major questions of our time from an Adlerian perspective.

The 2000 Summer School in Zuoz, Switzerland, was enormously pleasing for all in attendance. More than 25 countries were represented. Many newcomers as well as experts and regular attendees came to learn and share at the Rudolf Dreikurs Summer School.
The 2001 ICASSI meeting, slated for Israel, has been given a change of venue. The meeting is now scheduled to take place at the Mennorode Conference Center near the village of Espleet in Holland, an hour and a half train ride from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in Holland, July 22-August 5.

An invited article on ICASSI by Eva Dreikurs Ferguson appeared in the Summer 2000 issue of Psychology International. published by the APA Office of International Affairs

The Società Adleriana Italiana Gruppi e Analisi (S.A.I.G.A.) has coined an acronym, A.P.P. to stand for Adlerian Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. S.A.I.G.A. is kicking off a major research effort to catalogue, define, and measure the effectiveness of A.P.P. The three prongs of the effort are an Aderian Theory and Research Database, A.P.P. Process research and A.P. P. Outcome Research. Professors Andrea Ferrero and Professor Secondo Fassino are joint chairmen of the S.A.I.G.A. research division. They welcome interest in their studies from other Adlerian clinical researchers. Contact Dr. Ferrero by e-mail at [email protected], or at S.A.I.G.A, Fiume, 4, I-10133 Torino, Italy.

North America Two new ventures are under consideration by the Board of the North American Society of American Psychology, a publication, and an online journal. The first, presently at the discussion stage, is a popularized presentation of how Adlerian theory is being applied by parent educators, classroom teachers, marriage and family therapists, as well as business executives. Funds are being raised to underwrite the cost of publishing 10,000 copies of the book. The online project, The Individual Psychology Journal, is targeted as an addition to the Society’s website. It will summarize professional literature that is Adlerian either directly or by association with Adlerian analytical, behavioral, or cognitive dimensions. The 49th Annual NASAP Conference will be held at the El Conquistador Resort in Tucson, Arizona, June 14-16, 2001, hosted by the Adlerian Society of Arizona.

United Kingdom

Adlerians in Britain are pleased with an academic breakthrough. Until recently, no Individual Psychology courses have been counted toward professional qualification. Now the Adlerian approach has achieved at foothold in a diploma course, and steps toward certification toward a Masters degree in psychology are the next step. Also, a Supervision Training Course has been set up.