What kills neurons?


Do you know what kills neurons? The brain is the organ that controls the functioning of the whole organism. Therefore, it should be taken care of. Healthy lifestyle, proper relaxation, exercise, balanced diet, rest, etc. they prevent many problems, including neuronal death.

Nurturing the body is just as important as nurturing the mental side. How can we protect neurons? What habits to avoid? Meet the 7 most harmful.

What kills neurons?

As you know, taking care of the brain means taking care of the mind and the health of the body. Certain habits kill neurons and consequently weaken our nervous system. Which ones? They are associated with stress, lack of sleep, insufficient brain stimulation and others. Meet them.


Stress is a factor that causes neurons to die. It is defined as a feeling of physical and emotional tension arising in situations exceeding the level of a person’s resources. So it’s about moments of overload. What kills neurons

When this mechanism persists over time (chronic stress) it can kill neurons because during periods of stress our body releases cortisol (the stress hormone). This hormone directs resources to participate in biological processes aimed at coping with difficult situations.

What happens when the body produces large amounts of cortisol over a long period of time? The neurons are then neglected and the immune system is also weakened.

Sugar consumption

Consuming large amounts of sugar also kills neurons (and causes other health problems). Excess sugar reduces the ability to absorb other nutrients and disrupts brain function. It is necessary to maintain moderation. Sugar consumption is not harmful, its excess is harmful.

No stimulation

  • Lack of stimulation (physical, sensory or cognitive, with emphasis on the latter), or monotony, also kills neurons.

Thinking is the best way to stimulate the brain. We are talking about mental exercises, learning, writing, reading, etc. These are activities that force the brain to work and prevent serious problems.


Constant dehydration kills neurons. When we feel desire, we should satisfy it as quickly as possible.

Why? Because otherwise the brain will start to extract water from the cells of the body, which threatens to destroy them.

Smoking and drug use

  • These toxic habits not only harm your health, but also destroy your neurons. Tobacco is a highly addictive drug.
  • Moreover, it can damage or destroy neurons. The same goes for many other drugs.


Breathing in a polluted environment not only damages the respiratory system, but also kills neurons. This is because the brain is the organ that consumes the most resources. Just breathing in a polluted environment causes us to absorb toxins.

These molecules penetrate the brain (despite the vascular barrier protecting us from them to some extent). Therefore, it is worth sometimes to leave the city and stay in the bosom of nature.

Sleep deficit

Too little rest also kills neurons. Many studies have shown that prolonged sleep deprivation leads to the death of nerve cells and damage to certain areas of the brain (such as the hippocampus).

In the long run, these damages can cause memory problems, concentration problems, etc.


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