How to care for the mind?


The brain is a mysterious and fascinating organ that is the driving force for our body. Unfortunately, we do not make full use of all its possibilities, and over time our mental state deteriorates. Experts say that adverse changes in the brain begin as early as 30. one year old. How to take care of the mind on a daily basis to enjoy its great efficiency for the rest of your life?

Diet for the brain

Having trouble remembering important passwords or pins, not to mention your shopping list? With a proper diet, you can easily improve memory and stimulate the brain to work hard. Brain food are food products that are especially recommended if we want to strengthen the state of mind.

What should be included in this kind of diet?

First of all, products containing omega-3 fatty acids, that is, fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, halibut), nuts, linseed, avocado and vegetable oils (especially linseed and rapeseed). Your memory and concentration will improve thanks to lecithin, which you will find in eggs, peanuts and liver. B vitamins are also important, which have a positive effect on the entire nervous system. The best sources of these vitamins are whole grains, legumes, cereals, seeds and nuts.

The diet for the brain should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables-the most recommended are berries, that is blueberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries. In addition, you can not forget about the body’s hydration and should avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

Brain training, or how to practice good memory?

There are many methods by which you can improve the work of the brain. Solving crosswords, Sudoku, puzzle games are simple ways to stimulate our mind.

Learning foreign languages is also a great way to improve mental performance. By repeating words and grammatical rules, we constantly train the brain. In addition, it is worth providing yourself with a variety of new stimuli-small changes in daily habits stimulate neurons and cause the emergence of new connections between brain cells. A stimulating stimulus can be classical music, a visit to an art gallery or meditation. Brain training, or how to practice good memory

Physical exercises for concentration

It is worth knowing that physical activity does not only affect the condition and appearance of the body, but also stimulates the mind. What sports are particularly recommended? Moderate physical activity, such as walking, Nordic walking, gardening, swimming, yoga or gymnastics, works best. When we move outdoors, not only do our body muscles take shape, but also our brain-it is more oxygenated and new connections between neurons are created in it, increasing our ability to concentrate.

Stress, poor diet and lack of creative activities cause the brain to slow down, and we begin to torment problems with memory and concentration. The condition of the brain can be taken care of every day-just a healthy diet, medicine with Japanese milorub, a portion of movement and mental exercises to keep the brain healthy and working efficiently.

A properly functioning brain is a guarantee of good health and well-being. Unfortunately, many diseases associated with it develop asymptomatically or send symptoms that can confuse the vigilance of doctors. And although the occurrence of some ailments is independent of us, there are such, for example, a stroke, to the development of which we can contribute ourselves.


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