Affective disorders, bipolar


Bipolar disorder is characterized by a cyclical occurrence of depressed mood (depression) and overactivity (mania) alternately. Between these phases, there are usually periods of remission, i.e. the disappearance of symptoms. Episodes typically last from several weeks to several months. The description of the depressive phase is similar to that above.

Symptoms in the mania phase:
A human is…

  • constantly excited and energized
  • he is overwhelmed by a greater than usual sense of self-importance
  • constantly has new ideas, quickly switches from one to another
  • does not feel the need to sleep
  • makes unrealistic plans
  • he is overactive, talks a lot and quickly
  • he gets irritated easily if people don’t follow his plans or moods
  • he spends money without restraint
  • may engage in sexual contact without caring for their own health and safety.


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