Depression belongs to the group of mood disorders. It’s commonly associated with sadness, but it’s a much more complex phenomenon. Depressed people experience both mental and physical difficulties. They are often accompanied by a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness combined with a lack of strength and motivation to take up activity.

Depression consists of both biological (related to neurotransmission in the brain) and psychological (difficult events in life, personality traits) causes. Civilization phenomena such as stress, constant time pressure or overwork may also contribute to itThis disorder can affect anyone, regardless of age. Even children experience depression today.

Symptoms of depression

  • depression, sadness, anxiety and fear, depressed mood
  • loss of interest in the environment, lack of strength and willingness to act
  • loss of self-confidence and a sense of worthless, unhelpful and hopeless
  • change in body weight
  • feeling tired or sleepy all the time during the day
  • difficulty concentrating
  • neglect of personal hygiene
  • difficulty making decisions
  • loss of interest in surroundings and problems with concentration
  • having trouble falling asleep and waking up very early
  • talking about death and suicide
  • If left untreated, depression can turn into a chronic, recurrent disease that may eventually lead to suicide attempts and suicide attempts. That is why it is important to act quickly as soon as we notice the first disturbing symptoms.



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