Exercise helps you mentally healthy


Life without purpose is difficult – so if we know it, why not make our existence easier? Setting long-term goals for yourself (e.g. for 5 years), places your life within a certain framework alder institute – you define yourself as a parent (because you want to spend the next years taking care of children), a student (because you start a new scientific chapter and want to fulfill yourself in it) or runner who is alfred adler (because you’ve found that you want to live from one marathon to the next)

You build your sense of security, you know your reference point – it is thanks to these long-term goals that you can effectively and meaningfully set these smaller goals for yourself. Exactly – smaller scale goals (for a year, half a year, a quarter) allow you to catch the moments, but also to achieve long-term goals. If you know you want to move to Miami in 5 years, you work for 5 years. Nothing will just happen who is alfred adler.

Make sure that your goals are created based on the SMART method.

Exercise: Write down 30 goals alfred adler institute (small and large) that you would like to achieve by the end of the year on a piece of paper. Think about making your dreams come true, but also about emotional development, working on passions, overcoming your own limitations. Consider what milestones you can take towards realizing your great plans in life. You have to start sometime, right alder institute? Once you have determined what you dream about, plan it out. Dedicate each month, week, maybe even a day to a goal and act.

Exercise naturally – alfred adler institute
Physical activity is very important – exercise makes you not only take care of your body, but also work with stress and deal with difficult emotions much easier. It is worth appreciating! But before you head to the gym or health club, consider incorporating outdoor exercise into your weekly schedule. Yes, start practicing naturally – just move instead of fancy choreographies. Running, walking, working in the garden, preparing firewood, clearing snow from the road (coming soon alfred adler!). Feel the strength of your body, provide yourself with some endorphins in the fresh air.


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