Mental disorders and diseases


Mental problems usually come on slowly. In the early stages, we can observe some disturbing signals. However, they are often ignored or downplayed both by the environment and those who experience them. This allows them to develop. Sensitivity towards the other person, combined with a portion of psychological knowledge about recognizing disturbing signals, can help in a faster reaction and a fuller understanding of the suffering person.

It is a chronic disease that belongs to psychotic disorders. It can begin suddenly and acutely (within a few days) or gradually (over several months or even years). In the first case, unusual internal experiences dominate, often leading to bizarre and sometimes violent behavior.

Gradually onset schizophrenia is mainly characterized by increasing withdrawal, suspicion, disappearing spontaneity and inadequate behavior, and deterioration of intellectual functions. The expression of emotions becomes weaker and less adequate to the circumstances. A person with this disease avoids contact with others, becomes distrustful and limits his activity.

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Unusual way of speaking in schizophrenia:

  • jumping from one topic to another, unrelated to the situation
  • providing answers unrelated to the question
  • incomprehensible speech (language), illogical for the observer of the combination of words
  • very loose associations appearing with excessive frequency
  • voiced associations: rhyming words like “just command, prohibition, heel”
    neologisms, new words that have some meaning only for the speaker
  • obscene or vulgar content of statements
  • expressing yourself with complete confidence in content that is doubtful (delusional symptoms)

The impression that the person is talking to someone who is not around
Unusual Behavior in Schizophrenia: from bizarre awkwardness and excitement to extreme agitation and irritation, inadequate to the situation symptoms of anxiety, fear, difficulty remaining in a closed space or states of immobility, lack of response to messages
poor hygiene, bizarre outfits (usually too many clothes at once, clothes inadequate to the weather or circumstances) inadequate interaction reactions (e.g. shortening the distance too much)



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