Newsletter n°10 December 2013 - Centro de Estudios Adlerianos (Bilingual: Spanish and English)

 In 2010 Centro de Estudios Adlerianos started publishing bilingually (Spanish-English) its free newsletter which shares, via conspicuous representatives of Adlerian movement (IAIP members), the breaking news and the validity of Individual Psychology (IP). It is a publication with referee academic and registered intellectually at Biblioteca Nacional de Uruguay. 


1. Los Celos/Jealousy

Andrés Buschiazzo (Centro de Estudios Adlerianos)

2. Dinámica de compensación y “medios ficticios de salvaguardia”

Dynamic compensatio and "fictional expedients of safeguard”
Giuseppe Ferrigno (Società Italiana di Psicologia Individuale - S.I.P.I.)

3. El Recuerdo/The Memory

Yaír Hazán (Centro de Estudios Adlerianos)

4. Psicoterapia y Counseling. Algunas reflexiones

Psychotherapy and Counseling. Some reflections
Bernardo Salinas (Centro de Estudios Adlerianos)

5. La empatía en tiempos de Facebook

Empathy in times of Facebook
Alejandra Yarza (Centro de Estudios Adlerianos)

  • Friday, 17 January 2014