We are increasingly struggling with various kinds of mental disorders. They are associated with a fast lifestyle, problems of everyday life and are associated with difficult experiences from the past. Psychotherapy, a type of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), helps to treat a variety of disorders. We explain what cognitive-behavioral therapy is and when it is used.

We live fast, intensely, we fear for our own future and our families, and we carry on our shoulders the baggage of various experiences with which we are not always able to cope.

Everyday worries, problems and fears, as well as traumas contribute to the development of mental disorders and disorders with a nervous and emotional background, with which we are not able to cope on our own. Then comes the time for therapy, which helps to deal with various “demons”.

Mental disorders, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders-how to cope?

Mental, anxiety and depressive disorders are diagnosed more and more often. This is not a reason to be ashamed and hide their problems from the world. Lack of help from a therapist and appropriate treatment can lead to very serious problems, so do not delay with a visit to the doctor, believing that the unpleasant symptoms will pass by themselves.

  • We live in a way that promotes the development of disorders with different backgrounds.
  • They affect not only people who are sensitive and especially experienced by fate, but also people who are seemingly strong mentally.

The basis in the event of the appearance of symptoms of mental disorders of various kinds is Diagnostics, which primarily takes into account the conduct of basic research and psychiatric or psychological consultation. If we feel that we are no longer coping with the reality around us, we should not face our problem alone. It is very important to support family and friends, and if we can not count on them, it is worth looking for support among people with similar problems, for example, use local or online support groups.

What is cognitive-behavioral therapy?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the types of psychotherapy. It assumes that by changing our thinking, we can influence our moods and behaviors that are considered inappropriate. CBT therapy is used primarily in the treatment of depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and addictions, but it is also suitable for m.in. eating disorders, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders.

What is cognitive-behavioral therapy

This is one of the types of psychotherapy that focuses primarily on the present. What does that mean?

  1. The therapist and the patient focus on the current problems, not looking for their cause in the past. This therapy is a goal-oriented form of short-term psychotherapy, in which the patient participates for several weeks.
  2. Therefore, cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of emergency assistance to a person who has experienced various disorders and it does not exclude the use of both pharmacological treatment and psychotherapy of another kind.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy in practice

According to the assumptions of this type of therapy, changing the wrong way of thinking that causes suffering and acts in a destructive way on our mental state has a positive impact on the patient’s life.

In practice, this means working with a therapist who helps to change the way we think and teaches us the right way of doing things that do not cause suffering and do not contribute to the aggravation of existing disorders.