Greetings and welcome to the Therapy Section of the IAIP web-site.  My name is Dan Dalton.  I am a psychologist from Toronto, Canada and am currently the elected chairperson of the Therapy Section of IAIP.

The aims of the Therapy Section include:

  • To promote, support, and encourage the growth and development of psychotherapy as practiced within the theory of individual psychology.

  • To act as a forum for discussion of advances and progress in Adlerian psychotherapy within the international community.

  • To act as a forum for discussion of training regulations for Adlerian psychotherapists and to explore the similarities and differences that exist between State and National Regulating Bodies.

  • To develop co-operation among the different points of views found within the Adlerian Psychotherapy framework.

LISTSERV – For Members and Visitors

In response to the above aims I have established a LISTSERV for the Therapy Section of IAIP.  Its purpose is to facilitate international dialogue, co-operation and collaboration among therapists who are actively involved in Adlerian psychotherapy.  Membership in this LISTSERV is without cost and will be open to anyone who wishes to participate.

Individuals of the International community are invited to participate and may do so by simply following the instructions outlined below:

To join the LISTSERV, please visit the group home page at:

To begin sending messages to members of this group, simply send email to: [email protected]

Who Can Participate?

  • Adlerian psychotherapists are especially invited to submit reports and/or papers regarding the Practice and Training of Adlerian Psychotherapists within their jurisdictions.  They are encouraged to share how they practice Adlerian psychotherapy and/or how it is generally practiced in their home communities.

  • Any person who has an interest in Adlerian psychotherapy is invited to submit questions concerning its practice internationally

Language of Communication

In order to facilitate International communication the English language has been selected as it is the language that seems most common to all intended audience.  Of course, we would like to hear from all who are interested and we hope that those who are unable to correspond in English will be able to obtain assistance in translating their contributions.

A Special Announcement

The IAIP International Congress will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania on July 31 – August 3 2008.  The Theme is “Tenderness and Aggressiveness” The Challenge of our Times.

The Therapy Section is responsible for organizing a 1.5 hour Panel Presentation to be offered at the Congress.

A proposal for this Panel Presentation needs to be submitted to the organizing committee by June 15, 2007.  At this time we are inviting all Adlerian psychotherapists to submit their ideas, suggestions, etc. with regard to a topic that would be practical and useful to all participants.

Of course, the topic chosen should be connected in some way to the theme of the Congress.

Either put your suggestions on the LISTSERV for discussion or email directly to me at [email protected]

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