Mental disorders what they are and how to recognize them


How many mental disorders are there today?

Can we recognize the symptoms?

Are we able to recover from these pathologies?

The answer is yes. However, the support of a specialist is necessary, who is able to direct each individual in the most suitable direction.

Of course, because today, among the many problems encountered in patients, each pathology requires specific treatment.

Let us now see which and how many are the diseases of the mind based on the psychological disturbance they cause.

There are so many. They are often linked to relational relationships, family, or adolescence. But also new ones, related to addiction to the internet and social networks, or to nutrition.

Definition of mental problems

By definition, psychological problems are disorders at the level of the mind, which affect the individual suffering from them in a pathological way.

That is, they psychologically affect the relational, cognitive, behavioral, or affective sphere, making its social integration problematic.

Mental disorders, then, often cause problems at work, school, and in general with others.

An affected person feels suffering on a personal level that affects daily life and social integration.
mental disorders list

List of mental disorders

Below you can read a list of more or less common mental disorders.

We will understand together how to recognize them: from the simplest to the most serious.

Anxiety disorders

Among the various mental disorders related to anxiety are:

Panic attacks,
Generalized anxiety disorders,
Performance anxiety, fear of blushing, public speaking, etc.,
Hypochondria and dysmorphophobia, mental illness linked to the distorted vision of one’s appearance,
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a disorder that occurs following a traumatic event, or a bereavement, or a separation. Such experiences, lived in the past, continue to manifest themselves in the present, in the form of images, sounds, smells.

Problems of childhood and adolescence

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),
Oppositional-defiant disorder,
Selective mutism,
Performance anxiety,
Fears and avoidance,
Tics and Stuttering,
School phobia,
Social phobia,
Bullying and relationship difficulties with peers.

Symptoms of mental disorders

The symptoms of mental disorders can be very different from each other. The factor that unites them is the fact that, of course, they undermine the peaceful unfolding of everyday life.


It is important, however, to separate organic mental disorders from psychic disorders. The organic ones, in fact, are due, as the word itself says, to pathologies affecting the central or peripheral nervous system.

The psychiatrist or the psychologist, on the other hand, deal with non-organic psychic disorders affecting the mind.

Among the many there are: disorders, psychosis, behavioral affections, psychological pathologies in fact.


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