Homework therapy


This method consists in assigning a easy cardable sites 2016 person in therapy to tasks to be performed between consecutive meetings. Thanks to easy cardable sites 2016  such practice, the patient can record what has been developed in the office and constantly  easy cardable sites 2016 work on himself. Since  easy cardable sites 2016 cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on quick (usually a dozen or so sessions, which is extremely quick by psychotherapy standards) and effective reduction of symptoms,  easy cardable sites 2016 this can be achieved by using techniques  easy cardable sites 2016 throughout the week of self-improvement, not just during therapy sessions.

Typical homework easy cardable sites 2016  might include relaxing  easy cardable sites 2016 exercises, keeping a diary of thoughts and emotions throughout the week, or looking for situations to apply a new approach. Thanks to homework, the patient also learns new ways of coping. An example of a homework  easy cardable sites 2016 assignment is when five strangers are asked for an hour each week by someone who believes he or she is incapable of communicating with easy cardable sites 2016  strangers

Exposure is used in the  easy cardable sites 2016 treatment of anxiety easy cardable sites 2016  disorders. This technique aims to tame anxiety – to reduce its level  easy cardable sites 2016 and reduce its avoidance. When using this method, the patient, under controlled conditions, is exposed to what causes him anxiety (for example, the sight of a spider). There is a possibility of exposure to both the real world and the patient’s imagination. The  easy cardable sites 2016 exposure is carried out gradually so as not to aggravate the fears (this is called systematic desensitization). The patient observes his easy cardable sites 2016  reactions and gets used to the object that causes fear.


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