On The Congress in Vilius


On the Congress in Vilnius

Guy J Manaster

The 24th tri-annual Congress of the International Association of Individual Psychology was held in Vilnius Lithuania Jul. 31 to Aug. 3, 2008, and it was wonderful.  Scientific meetings are usually interesting with solid presentations and discussions.  This scientific meeting was exceptionally interesting with good presentations, well-organized and dynamic panel discussions and vibrant conversation from early morning to early morning.

The venues supported the seriousness of the meeting and its vigor.  The old, established University of Vilnius is in an ascendance, and the city and its refurbished Town Hall, where we opened and closed the Congress, reflect a long and often somber history as well as a bright future.  Perfect places for our Congress.  And so welcoming and warm.  Somehow participants could work hard and relax, be thoughtful and cheerful.

Uniquely, a bonding occurred at the Congress, a feeling of community among 300 people from over 15 countries.  The comfort of our surroundings stimulated a greater than usual sense of camaraderie.  But, I think, the warmth of our host organizers as they shared the trials of their national history brought together the theme of the Congress, Tenderness and Aggressiveness, as it brought together everyone who attended and participated.

To all of the participants and organizers of the Vilnius Congress, thank you on behalf of IAIP.   And thank you in advance to the Austrian Society, organizers of our 25th Congress to be held in Vienna in the summer of 2011.

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