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Working with Adlerian Principles in

Indoor Drug Therapy

Dr. Roland Woelfle

Therapiestation Lukasfeld, A – 6812 Meiningen, Austria

Tel. ++43 (0) 5522/39390, Fax ++43 (0) 5522/393904

e-mail: roland.wö[email protected]

The Austrian “Therapiestation Lukasfeld” is a psychiatrically conducted hospital with 16 beds for detoxification and short term drug therapy up to 6 months.

We are specialized in young addicts from 16 to 30 years of age with a focus on migrants from Turkey and the former Yugoslawia and on patients with double diagnosis like schizophrenia. Our psychodynamic treatment concept integrates many thoughts of Adler and Dreikurs – not only in single or group therapy but also in the therapeutic communitiy which ist understood as a blueprint of general social life. This concerns dealing with rules, learning by consequences or social responsibility.

Creating a treatment concept with Adlerian components is an exciting process, which started in 2002. In this presentation there will be demonstrated, how it could be realised and how it works in the every day life of our institution.

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