International Association of Individual Psychology


The SFPA, founded by Adler’s protegee, Dr. Herbert Schaffer, has established a site on the Internet. All are invited to visit The Society hopes it will encourage IAIP members to exchange ideas on Adlerian psychotherapy and psychopedagogic techniques.

The (SFPA) will sponsor a short French Congress at the Université Jeanne Luquet in the Charente from June 30 – July 3, 2000. The meeting will be organized by Georges Mormin, Director of the Society’s psychotherapy training, and will address the theme “Organ inferiorities, wounded body, emotional deprivation, and psychic grief: what are the stakes?” Several French speaking professionals from western and central Europe have expressed interest in attending. Further information is available from G. Mormin, Chez Maurin, 16 290 Moulidars, France; fax: or e-mail a_nem@club-internet. fr.

The Alfred Adler Institute of Israel was established in 1963 with Rudolf Dreikurs. More recently it has become a member of IAIP. Members of the Institute are group leaders, teachers and therapists. Their programs include:

  • Parent Education Department with parent study groups, adolescent family groups, one-parent family groups, parent groups held in prisons, and several open centers.
  • Couple enrichment groups, teacher groups, and also groups for senior citizens which have recently undergone a theoretical revision.
  • The Rudolf and Sadie Dreikurs School for Adlerian Studies in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem which has more than 1000 students with a 3-4 year curriculum that prepares graduates to become Adlerian counselors.
  • A clinic for child and family therapy as well as an adult clinic.
  • A necently established Documentation and Research Department

Funding limitations prevent expanding operations/efforts within the community as much as the Institute would like.

In June, 2001, The Institute will host the ICASSI meeting.

Welcome !

  We are pleased to recognize Adlerian organizations that have been organized recently in Malta, Lithuania, Leichtenstein, Australia, Belgium, Tschechia, France, and Latvia. We hope that they will apply for membership in IAIP in due time.  

Several Adlerians in Switzerland have visited former Eastern bloc countries to promote the ideas of Individual Psychology. Their travels have taken them to Romania, Estonia, Slovakia and Tschechia in the past months.

In the past year Dr. Bijan Ghaznavi, a psychologist and AAI analyst has offered workshops for teachers and psychologists in Brno, Olomus, and Bratislava, also in Greece, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Macau, China, and Thailand.

School psychologist Edita Briedenne, former president of the Lithuanian Adlerian Society, spent two weeks at the AAI in Zurich participating in training classes, and observing in the nursery School. She had an opportunity to meet many Adlerian psychologists living in Switzerland. On her return to Panavezys, she established a Nursery School in her community, implementing her recent experience. She is a member of a group which is developing an Adlerian training program in Vilnius.

Michael Popkin, a well-known and successful Adlerian publisher and author, family therapist, and parenting educator, will give the Heinz L. and Rowena R. Ansbacher lecture at the opening of NASAP 2000, the 48th Annual Conference and Workshops in St. Paul Minnesota in May.

The conference will run from May 11-13, with workshops offered earlier in the week. The Plenary Session on May 12, titled Ansbacher Lecture Response: Panel Presentations and Discussion, was slated by the Board in response to a request to follow the lecture with a conference-wide discussion. NASAP President Jane Griffith will moderate the session, and panelists will include Lynn Lott, M.A., M.F.T; Frank Main, Ed.D.; Steven A. Maybell, Ph. D.; Jane Nelson, Ed.D.; and James Skinner, M. Ed.

Our congratulations to Dr. Rainer Schmidt who celebrated his 70th birthday on April 7, 2000. A board member of the Alfred Adler Institute in
Aachen-Cologne, he has served the German speaking community of Individual Psychologists for many years..

The German Society of Individual Psychology (DGIP) announces its 19th Delmenhorst Convention for Further Education. This event, with more than 25

presentations, will take place from October 27 to 29, 2000. For further information contact the DGIP-Bundesgeschäftsstelle, Marktstr. 12, D-99867, Gotha, Germany, or reach Horst Gröner by e-mail at [email protected]

The Japanese Society of Adlerian Society (JSAP) has been experiencing some rough patches on the domestic front, with criticism within the country’s academic community for the Society’s efforts to promote theories of Adlerian psychology. The Society invited a visiting lecturer from North America which sparked further trouble.

The JSAP would welcome some guidance from Adlerian organizations in other countries. Please contact the liaison officer, Hironori Nakajima at [email protected].

  In several countries Adlerian psychology has confronted resistance and obstacles from academic and professional colleagues and organizations. It behooves us to offer guidance and support, through IAIP and as individuals.  

Italy – Turin
The Institute of Individual Psychology in Turin, Italy, with close to 80 members, has over 25 years experience in several fields of psychology where Adlerian theory has been applied successfully. The Institute has close to 80 members. In addition to their established training schedule, the Institute offers activities for members and students and also for the public at large. In January the Institute launched a series of programs to spread Adlerian ideas on the subject of psychology and music. The presentations included classical music and videos with opera excerpts. Over 400 participants attended each of the first two meetings.

The Institute’s departments are as follows:

  • Clinical. A four-year program, approved by the Italian Government’s Ministry of University and Scientific Research, has trained students in psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults since 1994.
  • Psychopedagogy and Counseling. Organized in 1997, the three-year course trains teachers and counselors in teacher and parent counseling.
  • Business and Organizations . This department offers training for practical and consulting work with corporations. The Adlerian School of Management has been active since 1996.

The Institute offers seminars on Projective Tests. with a on the study and implementation of tests, mostly related to clinical work; Juridical Psychology, with active practice in courts; and Psychology of Religion.
For further information contact the Secretary, Giansoecondo Mazzoli, by e-mail at [email protected] or at the Instituto di Psicologia Individuale “Adler Adler” di Torino, Via San Domenico 1, 10122 Torino, Italy.

The Italian Society of Individual Psychology in Milan announces officers for the next triennium, 2000/2002. Pier Luigi Pagani will continue as President, with Andrea Ferrero as Vice-President. Claudio Cantoni will serve as Secretary. and M. Carla Montebello as Treasurer. The Society elected the following Council members: Chaira Berselli, Alberto Mascetti, Donato Munno, and Cosimo Varriale.

Hungary Dr. Edith Ferencz will lead a further education program for teachers at the University of Veszprém. Dr. Ferencz was a student of IAIP Vice-President Mária Kenessey when she taught the first IP education program in Hungary in Budapest in 1992. IP teachers have been attending a series of pedagogy workshops at Szolnok during the present academic year. A new IP school is scheduled to open in Martfü in September, 2000. The annual MIPE General Assembly 2000 will be held in Szolnok in April. Dr. Kenessey will give lectures on advanced IP methods for teachers, and for doctors and hospital workers on ways to encourage the healing process.