Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Effective?


Efficacy is a very important topic in CBT theory. From its inception to this day, a lot of scientific research has been carried out to verify the effectiveness of this whole trend in psychotherapy, as well as all its varieties raapp, strategies and techniques. According to cognitive-behavioral theorists and therapists using this method, effective treatment is one that eliminates symptoms as quickly, easily and adlerian in any case as possible.

They value their school because its achievements are scientifically proven, the techniques used are evidence-based adlerian psychology, and the effects of the therapy are visible. This is not always the case with other psychotherapeutic schools, which causes stormy discussions post code romania and differences of opinion between therapists of different currents.

Criticism of cognitive behavioral therapy raapp is based on what the interested parties themselves consider to be their greatest advantage. Critics argue that mental disorders and problems can originate deeply in the human psyche (for example, in the unconscious adlerian psychotherapy), and proponents believe that there is nothing but thoughts and reactions to these thoughts, that behavior is the only thing that characterizes a person and is the only thing that characterizes them. alderian psychology which should be treated.

Some believe that reducing man to stimuli and reactions, dealing only with his external dimension and simple emotions is falsifying human nature, stripping him of humanity and, most importantly, does not solve the problem at all, but only makes him invisible to others, reduces the discomfort of people associating with someone mentally disturbed. Some also argue that the only advantage of CBT is its price – the therapy is inexpensive because it is short-lived post code romania, has a predetermined course, is easy to train and simple to perform.

Anyone can find a lot of material on cognitive-behavioral association for psychotherapy and thus decide whether the supporters or critics are right. What is certain is that for some disorders, such as phobias, cognitive behavioral therapy is used with great success.


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