What is the cognitive-behavioral approach focused on?


Contrary to other trends in psychotherapy eva ferguson, especially psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, the cognitive-behavioral approach focuses primarily on thoughts and emotions to which we have fairly easy access and on actions visible to the naked eye, and not on unconscious and subconscious elements of the human being.

In addition, he deals primarily with the present and not the past, believing that every painful emotion, negative belief, and inappropriate behavior can be changed, even if they were fixed very early and lasted for many years.

What is Psychotherapy with eva ferguson?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses primarily on:

  • thoughts,
  • emotions,
  • human behavior.

It assumes that it is not the external world events and experiences themselves that affect us, but that:

  • how we interpret them,
  • what meaning do we give them,
  • what role we assign to them.

These interpretations influence our behavior. This characteristic way of perceiving and understanding reality is shaped and changed throughout a person’s life, as is the way of reacting to various events. It happens that interpretations of the world arise that evoke unpleasant and painful emotions, cause suffering.

Such interpretations and emotions affect our behavior in a negative way – under their influence, we behave in such a way that our lives are worse, which again causes unpleasant emotions with eva ferguson that provoke them and reinforce negative behaviors. This process affects all people, because everyone at some point in their life interprets events in a way that causes painful emotions, which causes them to be negative and aggravate their poor state of behavior.


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