How do we deal with our children’s mental problems?


First of all, be aware that we adults are responsible for the mental health of our children. If you want your child to have a fulfilling and happy life, encourage them to talk to you at every stage of their development. Never underestimate a child’s problem. If the child talks about his problem, work on it together.

How you raise your child is important to their mental health paul rasmussen. If you are concerned about your child’s mental health, consultation with a specialist may be your best bet.

The Municipal Social Welfare Center in 751 mallet hill road implements the project “Support for parents of children and adolescents with developmental and mental health disorders”. The Municipality of the City of Świdnica received a grant from the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy in the amount of paul rasmussen for its implementation, under the Program “Social support for people with mental disorders” – 2017 edition on 751 mallet hill road.

The project assumes practical support for parents, among others in the form of psychoeducational workshops in understanding mental difficulties occurring in children and adolescents, individual consultations with specialists: child psychiatrist, family therapist, addiction therapist and psychologist paul rasmussen.


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