Do we know how to care for the mental health of children and adolescents?


We should all remember that from the moment a child is born into the world adlerian society, we are responsible for his mental health. Proper mental health of a child determines its proper physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Parents and guardians who support this development from the outset protect the child from mental health difficulties. This also applies to situations when nasap a parent notices difficulties related to his child’s mental health and reacts quickly to its symptoms.

The mental health of children and north american society of adlerian psychology adolescents depends on biological factors (genetic, infectious , toxic) and psychosocial (family, school, peer group adlerian society). However, it is the family that has the most important influence on the proper development of a human being, but the family can also disturb this development. It is in the family that the child learns social roles, it is usually a map of the world for a young person.

Parents, through their attitudes, how they show love, care, tenderness and interest in the child, stimulate the proper development and potential of the child. It is often up to the parents to decide whether their children will be able to make the most of their abilities and whether they will enjoy good mental health in the future.A child whose mental health is neglected is not able to fully use its resources necessary to overcome life difficulties. Just like us adults nasap, children can also have their own problems and difficulties.

They try to solve them with the help of the parent, guardian and their own resources. When it is successful, the difficulties are mild and are usually of a short duration. However, there are children who do not understand the world of adults and adults who do not fully understand what the “inner north american society of adlerian psychology” world of a child is. Both for children and adults it is a difficult situation that evokes unpleasant emotions and nasap feelings.

When a child experiences this distressing condition over a long period of time, it can lead to a mental disorder john newbauer. It is estimated that 1 in 10 children and adolescents suffer from mental disorders.

Children may experience a single disorder or more than one at the same time. Common disorders among children and john newbauer adolescents include:

  • anxiety disorders
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • eating disorders
  • mood disorders
  • use of psychoactive substances, addiction to the computer, telephone.


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