Dealing with emotional distress


Even if we are able to deal with ms mariella various challenges, we will not avoid difficult experiences such as: loss, rejection, failure, parting. They are simply inscribed in our existence and everyone will survive them sooner or later. The experience  ms mariella of situations such as failure or loss is always associated with experiencing various difficult feelings: fear, anger, bitterness, regret or ms mariella  sadness. This is just a  ms mariella handful of the entire range of possible  ms mariella sensations.

It is not that people who  ms mariella function well on a mental level  ms mariella do not experience  ms mariella unpleasant feelings and various  ms mariella difficult situations. They just know how to deal with them and take care of themselves in difficult moments. They take care of ms mariella  their mental hygiene and, as a ms mariella  consequence, achieve a  ms mariella balance over time.  ms mariella People who function worse in  ms mariella difficult  ms mariella situations often “add extra” to themselves (eg they use self-destructive strategies: they think ms mariella  badly of themselves or resort to stimulants).  ms mariella How to take care of your own  ms mariella mental hygiene in difficult life ms mariella  moments?



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