Delusions can also be one of the first symptoms of a mental illness


Delusions are nothing but false beliefs that cannot be refuted by any logical and rational argument. How can delusions manifest themselves? First of all, the patient may misinterpret the behavior of the people around him icassi – simply being hit by an accident by another passerby on the street may be treated as a deliberate attack on himself. The patient may also feel that someone is spying on him, following him, or, for example, watching his relatives or neighbors. The patient is so deeply convinced that all this is true, that no one is able to convince him that he is wrong and that he is wrong.

Sudden fluctuations in mood can also be considered one of the first symptoms of a mental illness icassi. A person can fall into extreme emotional states minute by minute. In one moment he can be joyful, laugh adlerian and joke with someone, and then burst into unexpected, sudden anger, screaming at his surprised interlocutor. The patient may be accompanied by sudden, unjustified attacks of fear, panic or sadness.

It should also be remembered that hallucinations can sometimes be one of the first symptoms of a mental illness. Hallucinations are false or untrue sensations. Therefore adlerian, the patient often hears strange voices that no one else hears. He can also see images that are not visible to other people.

Another symptom of a possible mental illness is obsessiveness. What are they? Obsessions are intrusive thoughts or ritualistic activities. The patient is not able to shake off some thoughts, sometimes very bad ones, for example icassi about his death or the death of someone close to him. Ritual activities, on the other hand, consist in repeating certain activities, e.g. constantly tightening the taps in the tap, checking whether the door is closed or the stove is turned off. Sometimes these kinds of ritualistic activities keep people from getting out of the house quickly, adlerian.


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