How to get psychological help during a pandemic?


The very feeling that our mental health has deteriorated is an important argument to make an appointment with a specialist: a psychiatrist, psychotherapist or psychologist. Ailments that hinder normal functioning ellen mendel (e.g. sleep disorders, problems with concentration, lack of strength to perform basic activities), occurring especially without clear justification, should prompt us to consult a specialist.

The pandemic has made it difficult for many patients to access treatment, and the treatment of psychological disorders is no different. By contacting the specialist clinic, you can find out what the methods of consultation are: online ellen mendel psychiatric / psychological advice, telephone advice or an individual visit to the facility. For people who do not know where to report, there are several options to help you find the right place.

Information can be obtained by calling the 24/7 helpline of the National Health Fund or through one of the many hotlines operating in the country for people in emotional crisis. Help will also be provided by a family doctor – he will refer the patient to an appropriate clinic and may ellen mendel, on an ad hoc basis, recommend treatment appropriate to the current symptoms.

It has been known for a long time that the Polish psychiatric care system requires reform and funding. An important element and a milestone leading to changes in this area is the National Mental Health Program, under which ellen mendel on Mental Health Centers operate. These are centers specifically designed to help patients with mental health problems, providing care at multiple levels and close to home, rather than in a hospital setting. People living in the area of ​​their operation may contact them immediately in the face of mental problems.


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