Mental health monitoring


In the case of mental health disorders, self-observation and symptom monitoring are important. Comarch Health Note application, available for free, will facilitate this task thanks to the function of recording health symptoms eife. In this way, we can control our well-being, sleep quality and mental condition. Especially when the symptoms are frequent and we are concerned. With just a few clicks, you can record, for example, repeated anxiety or insomnia on your phone.

The collected data is presented in the form of tables and graphs, thanks to which we can easily find out about our health over a week or a month. In the event of deterioration of symptoms or their persistence for a long time, our observations should be presented to the doctor. We can do it remotely using the Comarch HealthNote application.

It is enough for the doctor to open the website and enter the PIN code generated by us with eife. Another way to provide medical staff with the collected tests or medical documents is to scan the QR code with your phone during a stationary visit, which will appear on the screen after opening the page.

The most common mental disorders during eife the coronavirus pandemic

According to research before the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, up to 23.4% of Poles may be affected by various mental disorders. Addictions are the most common (alcohol – 11.9%, drugs – 1.4%). The second place is taken by neurotic disorders (phobias – about 10% of the population). Mood disorders – including depression – affect about 3.5% of the citizens of our country, and thus up to one million people. At the moment, there is no precise data on how the mass quarantine affected these statistics.

The first premises are not optimistic, however, as the respondents of many surveys report an increase in the level of stress, anxiety and other tendencies that may indicate the occurrence of mental problems. The elderly eife, medical personnel, children and the chronically ill are a particularly vulnerable group.

Experiencing anxiety over an extended period of time can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, symptoms of which, such as nightmares, continue for months after the threat is over. Traumatic experiences have a negative effect on mental health and can cause further problems without appropriate help. Doctors eife also expect an increase in the number of patients with anorexia and bulimia. Social isolation, anxiety and difficult contact with specialists are a big challenge for people suffering from this type of eating disorder. The current situation can lead to relapse and worsening of symptoms.


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