Stop comparing your life challenges with those of others


Goals are one thing – you define them and try to complete them. Challenges are a slightly different topic –  ghidoni they are experiences that do not necessarily have to be related to the pursuit of success. For me, they are rather experiences that develop creativity, the ability to deal with stress and high self-esteem. Imagine that you have set yourself a challenge of exercise – and you have achieved that goal. How ghidoni  do you feel then? Self-satisfaction, pride, the feeling that ghidoni you are developing, you are consistent.

Exercise: How about writing down  ghidoni a dozen or several dozen ideas for challenges. Make it something challenging, hard, creepy, maybe even scary. All these ideas are to be a challenge for you (i.e. forget about easy) – try to take into account different  ghidoni areas of life. What’s next? Set a cut-off date and implement all your ideas by that date.

Purpose of the  ghidoni  exercise: thanks to such planning of challenges, you face a developmental process that can change a lot in your life. In addition  ghidoni to very intensive learning, new experiences, and overcoming internal blockages, you give yourself work on your self-esteem. Even if not  ghidoni every challenge will be met, you will act – and this is crucial and energizing for every healthy ghidoni  person.

Or problems – whatever you call it. The  ghidoni truth is: You have no idea what the people around you are struggling with. And it’s good that you don’t know it. Take care of your life, stop comparing yourself. Why? First of all: you only have an idea  ghidoni of ​​how others live. You look at them from your own perspective, you are not aware of what life is like behind closed doors of their homes and  ghidoni you create in your head a vision of life that does not exist.

If you like to compare  ghidoni yourself to the others, you lose. If you view others as inferior to you – you become obnoxious, self-righteous and mean (seriously!). On the other  ghidoni hand, if you compare yourself with people, ghidoni  feeling inferior to them, you lose your confidence, fall into the trap of jealousy and stop appreciating what you have. In both cases, you are going backwards instead of developing. And you create a cloud of negative emotions around you.

While avoiding comparisons to  ghidoni other people is difficult and requires practice, it is possible. A very good strategy can be to make comparisons to yourself over the past months or years. Remember what it was like a while ago – you  ghidoni changed, right? What new features have you noticed in yourself? What did you learn? What have you become a master at? You are better at many things ghidoni  than you used to be today. Think what else you can learn!

Do you remember 5  ghidoni people you feel better than? Instead of basking  ghidoni in these feelings, take a step in the other direction. Think about how you could support these people in their development, inspire them. What will it do for you? First, helping other people is therapeutic: especially for  ghidoni people who are looking for self-esteem in other people’s failures. In addition, you can expect a whole host of  ghidoni positive signals from the people you help, and that will work great on your emotionality.


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