Shape your vision of an ideal life


Believe me, I don’t care if you don’t have that easy. How do you know which of us have it easier in life? Today I want to encourage you, above all, to dream and create your own wonderful vision of an ideal life. Think about what you want. What should your perfect day look like? What habits, rituals, objects, places should be your everyday life? What should you do chris shelley? If you need to – draw your idea on a large sheet, write a list, record, write a letter to yourself. Imagine it.

The vision of an ideal life is an interesting form of taking care of your psyche. First of all, it shapes a certain view of the future, triggers dreams, creativity and thus motivates. If I know how wonderful it can be, I want to do it chris shelley. That’s not all – the vision of the future is like a protective shield in difficult situations. If I know something good is waiting for me, I grit my teeth and act.

Exercise: Draw or describe your perfect day. Think about all its aspects: how you look, what you do, what you eat, etc. Keep your vision close to you – hang it on the board, carry it in a notebook – and check it as often as possible. Let it stay in your head so that you can finally realize it.

Love yourself – chris shelley.

You are unique – do you know that? It seems like it’s time to truly appreciate yourself – what would you say to recognize that you are a true diamond that needs to be cared for? So take care of your body and mind – remember that both are closely related. Bet on healthy eating (what we eat affects our mental functioning), exercise (endorphins that are released during exercise have a phenomenal effect on our well-being), relaxation (dealing with stress using relaxation techniques and simple rest is very important!) . Take care of yourself – reward yourself for your efforts, pursue small whims and whims. The less self-flagellation and more self-tickling the better for your mental health.

The ability to take care of yourself may result largely from self-acceptance – we probably know how difficult it is. So if you have a problem with (let’s call it that) self-worship, gratification, nurturing yourself, think about how special you are. Your daily efforts certainly deserve to be appreciated, your work chris shelley – rewarded. Prove to yourself that you are worthy to care for and adore you. So love yourself.

Exercise: Start proving your worth and meticulously write down the small successes you have achieved each day. Take notice of your accomplishments – even if it’s ordinary. Each day can be a unique opportunity for development – so see what steps you manage to overcome. Each evening, write down the day’s small achievements in your notebook. If you manage to do something great – write it down as well. Then appreciate yourself. After all, it’s worth taking care of you!

Challenge yourself – chris shelley.

A challenge is something that is demanding. You undertake and you have to make a little effort to achieve the goal. You act, although sometimes you don’t feel like it, you have enough, you are afraid. But you do. Thanks to the challenges, you go beyond your comfort zone, learn new things, build your experience and get to know yourself even more.


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