Contact with nature is of great importance for mental health


If only because of its influence on stress. Allow yourself the simplicity of movement in the bosom of nature, feel the energy of the world around you instead of constantly staying in a crowded gym. Exercise: Regardless of when you are reading this, get up, open the nearest window, stand by it, and stretch for 5 minutes bernard shulman, breathing in fresh air. Connect with nature by moving.

Maintain real contacts with people – bernard shulman

Yes, this entire internet world is full of challenges. Especially in their relational aspect. Notice how many relationships are based on Facebook / Instagram contacts. Focusing on such contacts builds a sense of loneliness (sometimes unconscious), leads to Internet addiction and can generate stress. I am not persuading you to give up using the internet (oh no, let’s use what we have at our fingertips), but I encourage you to make real contacts with people – meetings, phone calls or joint organization of something important.

There are many options and the result is quite important. Real, strong ties with others are great for your self-esteem, improve your quality of life, and create a sense of belonging that has a great impact on your well-being.Of course bernard shulman – you can be the type of person who doesn’t need hundreds of friends and meetings with someone every day. Fine. However, this does not change the fact that I would like to encourage you to transform the maximum number of virtual acquaintances into more real ones, requiring personal contact.

Exercise: take care of your relationships and challenge yourself: meet 5 people who are important to you in the coming week. Yes, it is difficult, a week is only 7 days long. But why not try it? Let’s assume that such meetings are to be as real as possible (phone or face-to-face conversation), shorter or longer as you want. Plan to have dinner at your home bernard shulman, meet someone on the way to work, take someone for a walk (instead of going alone).

Do something fun – regularly with bernard shulman.

Imagine if someone tells you a joke and you react in a certain way: you don’t understand, you don’t laugh, maybe even find it embarrassing – to laugh at something like that. Oh, looks like someone hasn’t played here for a long time. Take it easy, start doing something fun, open yourself up to laughter, joy, spontaneity and break with sadness and a boring face. Excitement, cheerfulness and a tendency to laugh at nonsense is what can greatly relax you after a tense day. React to stress with the opposite – lightly.

If you are too tense, closed and stopped laughing (or even smiling!), Act immediately. Your body needs endorphins, which are released when you are happy. If you occasionally dance a crazy dance to your favorite song, organize a pillow fight, suddenly go out of town for the weekend bernard shulman (or spend the night in a tent in your own garden or living room), you will free yourself from tension, routine and boredom – and these are what threaten our well-being and mental functioning.


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