IAIP – 23th Congress of the International Association of Individual Psychology

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Power and Cultural Living

The 23rd Congress of the International Association of Individual Psychology has been held in Torino, Italy. Theme of the Congress was “Power and Cultural living”. Power has been chosen as the main theme of the Congress to develope a theoretical, methodological and practical exploration of the Science of Life and the Science of Living.Power plays a significant role in all cultures and is a creative strength in institutions and human relations. Power may be positively related to the enhancement of self – confidence and self – esteem, but may, as well, be a destructive force as an expression of the will to acquire power for its own sake.At a bio-psycho-social level power and cultural dynamics have different functions: compensation of inferiority feelings, reference to social roles and the shaping of personal modes of communication.The interaction of power and culture, and the culture of power, can facilitate cooperation and social feeling and not a power culture. The theme of the Congress has given the opportunity to raise all these questions and issues.

Different areas has been taken in consideration such as:

  • Meanings of power in different cultures.
  • Power, social interest and fictional finalism.
  • Power and multimedia communication.
  • Power-styles and Life-styles.

It has been an opportunity for Adlerian practitioners to share practical and theoretical experiences.

President of the Congress:

Gian Giacomo Rovera, M.D. Ph.D.

Congress Board:

Società Italiana di Psicologia Individuale (SIPI)