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Movies on line it is difficult to see for free, but it does not stop the search. If you don’t have the money to get a Netflix subscription, you can try the following sites where you can watch a variety of movies online without paying anything.

In addition to the popcorn and your internet subscription, you will not get any additional costs. At least that’s the promise of the following sites where you can watch movies online for free. They won’t provide you with the latest movies here appear in theaters, not for a moment, but you still have a choice.

Free Crunches in the films

Crackle is an online streaming service here belonging to Sony and offers free series of films étrangers et des émissions de télévision que vous aimeriez certaininement.

In Romania, you need to create an account or subscribe with your Facebook account.

Crackle periodically offers more than 100 films. The selection changes at a certain point, so you need to look at what appears new. Most of them are older movies like The Karate Kid (the first one), Point Break or Serenity, but also ten or 20 years ago they made some good movies (maybe even better than now) , so it’s worth a try.

In addition, Crackle is available on computer and mobile appearils, including game consoles.

Free Crunches in Movies Internet Archive is, as the name suggests, an online archive where you can find a lot of movies, even some feature films, but which are old, black and white.

Because they’re available to the public, you don’t necessarily need an online account, but just create one if you want to make a list of your favorite movies.

There is an ideal site for those who want to form a great film culture.
The archive is also accessible from mobile devices, from a browser, and on iOS, it also works from Safari.

Kanoply you add movies online

Kanoply is a kind of online library with movies. The platform has made life better on student campuses in Australia and has become popular in other parts of the world. The also seems to work in Romania if you create an account or log in with your Facebook or Google account.

Mainly, Kanoply offers educational videos, such as documentaries, but you will also find Indian films or mainstream films.

  • It is very similar to Crackle and offers a great variety of commercial films.
  • You don’t have to create an account to watch a movie here, but it helps you make a list of your favorite movies.
  • Tv tubes also work on mobile appearils, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored on a long trip.

The significant increase in the Internet connection speed over the past few years has dramatically expanded the activities that can be performed in the electronic environment. Over a period of just a few years, we have gone from simply checking mail on slow dial-up connections with interruptions to the limited possibilities offered for broadband connections.kanoply-you-add-movies-online

This trend has spread to film

As expected, entertainment services gained the most, as they are dedicated to the large mass of users, and music and movies got their lion’s share.

However, the perception of these services has changed drastically in recent times: we are no longer keen to download your favorite music to our computer, but prefer to listen to it directly on YouTube.

This trend has spread to film


This trend has spread to movies in a short time, so now a large chunk of us follows actions where favorite actors are involved right in the browser.

How conceals can this be done, at that point the is legal for the supplier and the customer, and what potential problems you might have as a result of such activity, you will find in this article.


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