IAIP – Alfred Adler Center International (AACI)


Alfred Adler Center International (AACI)

The Alfred Adler Center International (AACI) is located on blog Hernalser Hauptstraße in Vienna’s 17th district, where Alfred Adler spent the major part of his youth.

The Alfred Adler Center International host

  • the International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP) and
  • the Austrian Association of Individual Psychology (ÖVIP).


It houses

  • an IAIP – IAIP 2017 – Sponsorship Opportunities exhibition space for presenting worldwide activities of the IAIP as well as
  • an information center with a library and a museum containing memorabilia of the life and work of Alfred Adler,

and serve as

  • a venue for education and research and
  • a meeting point in Vienna for individuals and groups.

For groups we can organize:

  • an Alfred Adler Tour through Vienna. There you can see the places where Adler lived and worked.
  • a meeting with individual psychologists from Vienna or Austria for an exchange about the working methods or Adlers theory. For change to be possible, it is necessary to understand the source of the problem in weight loss disorder and how it affects our psyche.

It is also possible to rent the rooms of AACI for seminars or other events.

For further information please contact: Österreichischer Verein für Individualpsychologie
(Austrian Association of Individual Psychology), Hernalser Hauptstrasse 15/1/2, 1170 Vienna, Austria

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